Aspiring animator, educator, hoop performer

Welcome to my website! This where I share thoughts and my work with you all. The website is a work in progress just like myself is a work in progress.

We are all life-long learners and we are still growing.
So we should never stop dreaming and aspiring.

The three most recent projects I completed are displayed below. For older ones, please click the links in the top menu.

Sparkles the rainbow squirrel

So for this trimester we had to create a shot 2D animation of something (sadly the assignment given was not very clear… but more on that later). I learnt how to use AnimateCC from scratch through YouTube and I’m pretty darn proud of myself that I stuck through – I have learned A LOT. Thank … More Sparkles the rainbow squirrel


I wanted to draw something to say a quick thank you to amazing people who were so supportive while I was feeling down because of self-doubt. I did a self portrait using Photoshop and tried water-colour brushes. Definitely requires more practice but happy that I got it done.

Mardi Gras 2017

Mardi Gras is the event that introduced me to hoop dancing. So it is no surprise that I would attend the Mardi Gras parade this year and dress up to the nines! It was definitely an eventful day – I was basically on my feet all day from 8.30 am! Below is a video of me doing a small … More Mardi Gras 2017