Luna New Year

Every Luna year my parents give me words of advice and wisdom. What my dad said this year really got to my heart:

think kind thoughts, speak kind words & act kindly

Easier said than done. Often we forget how important this is in our lives, both at work and at home. Thinking kind thoughts about people and events helps us to have a more positive outlook in life. Speaking kind words make people around us feel appreciated and happy. Acting out of kindness bring joy to the people surrounding you. It also becomes an example for other people to follow.

In my field (education and communication) there is an unnecessary amount of “bitching” going on. People talking about others behind their backs. People complaining about the all the issues and problems in the workplace. While complaining does give us a sense of release, it is only temporary and it creates a negative atmosphere around you. By the way, I am very aware that I partake in this awful behaviour too and I am not proud of it.

As a responsible, mature person I want to stop behaving like this. Most people have a positive side and it is a matter for us to find it and bring it to our attention (I say most because I have met a few where I could NOT see one even though I tried so hard). It’s going to be hard, but it’ll be worth it!

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