Silvy is a Sydney based fire dancer and flow artist who has performed at various festivals including Secret Garden Festival and Subsonic Music Festival, as well as corporate events, weddings and private parties.

She has been dancing from a young age and her love of dance and movement never dwindled. Over the years she learned to dance ballet, jazz, hip hop, belly dance, swing, blues, salsa, zouk… just to name a few. From this she developed a deep passion for fusing dance styles – letting the music define the movement. When she discovered props such as hula hoops, fans and pois to dance fusion with, Silvy realised she could captivate people with her flow while enjoying being in the moment herself.

In her performances, she weaves her props (with or without fire) elegantly in connection with the music. Her smile while dancing and spinning is simply infectious and is guaranteed to spark joy in the audience’s eyes.