I am a creative person who has a passion for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education and animation. I am currently working as a STEM educator while studying animation on the side. My life goal is to create quality AR and VR environments that make learning (particularly STEM subjects) exciting and relevant for everyone, for children and adults alike.

I have been heavily involved in science education and communication since 2006 and taught years 7-12 science and maths as a high school teacher for 4 years. Since leaving teaching, I have been working with other education organisations to create education resources to assist teachers and students in teaching and learning of Astronomy and other science topics. Bit of a radical thinker, I am a huge fan of implementing Project Based Learning and Inquiry Based Learning into classroom learning in classrooms and absolutely dislike Subject Based Learning, which we see in most school systems today.

Quite often I get asked “why animation?”, probably because I already have a Bachelors in Science with Astrophysics honours and a Masters in Teaching. It seems like a complete turnaround or too out-of-the-blue. The thing is, I have always wanted to be an animator ever since I was a child. I grew up watching Disney films during the Golden Age era such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin & Beauty and the Beast and I wanted to make something like that. That feeling grew even stronger when I came across 3D animation from Pixar such as Toy Story, The IncrediblesWall-E.

I also loved drawing ever since I was little and I spent most of my life doodling/sketching/painting until my last two years of my high school. My parents (being the typical Asian parents) dissuaded me continuously about chasing this dream of mine because “you can’t make money being an artist”. This is despite winning competitions and awards for art as a child. So I ended up pursuing my other interest, Physics – particularly Astronomy/Astrophysics. Then I fell in love with educating people about science/physics while was a 2nd year uni student. It took me a while – 12 years in fact, to make a decision and start chasing my actual dream again!

Aside from working on STEM education and animation – my two passions in life, I also like to perform hoop dance at various venues and events as well as to teach hula hoop lessons to children and adults at a local circus school.

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