One of the best ways to know how much a person is loved and/or respected by others is at their farewell – whether it is a farewell for leaving work or a country or farewell for leaving life. In the past two months I had the misfortune to farewell two of my colleagues: one for … More Farewells

Be grateful

This is extremely difficult to write. Several times in the past I have started writing and then scrapped it many times. But I need to do this for myself. While I am being myself. Something happened today and I don’t want to forget it. I want to remember it. Treasure it. I have been suffering … More Be grateful

Toy Story & Piper

While 3D graphics have been around since the 1960s, most people often associate 3D Graphics (particularly with 3D animation) with Pixar primarily due to their production of Toy Story in 1995, the first ever feature-length 3D animated movie – which is as significant as Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which was the … More Toy Story & Piper


I spent many times writing and then deleting what I have written over and over again. I find writing about this extremely hard – but I want to do it because I want people to know what it feels like to be depressed like me. I feel like people close to me do not get it. AT … More Useless

I am pavlova

A special dinner was being organised tonight and I was asked to bring a dish that best represents me and my experiences. Automatically I tried to think of a Korean dish because often in the past I would bring Korean food such as mandu, bulgogi, and kimbap because they were different/exotic in the eyes of Kiwis & Aussies. … More I am pavlova

Being in love

I didn’t think I would ever write something this personal on a public blog, but here it goes. Before I start, I want to talk a little about the word “love”. I remember a priest who gave an excellent summary of this feeling of love: it can be categorised into THREE branches. Love for friends … More Being in love