Asian in the middle

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m Asian. Actually, you know what? I actually was blissfully ignoring the fact that I was Asian for a very long time until today. A method of self-preservation probably. Ever since I have left Korea with my immediate family to start a new life in New Zealand when I was … More Asian in the middle

Organising TeachMeet

TeachMeet is a casual meet up of teachers and educators sharing their ideas and tips via mini-presentations and networking. It is non-commercial so the event is FREE and the presenters are volunteer-based. I absolutely LOVE TeachMeet as I always leave with valuable ideas that I could apply to my pedagogy and the energy from being … More Organising TeachMeet

Luna New Year

Every Luna year my parents give me words of advice and wisdom. What my dad said this year really got to my heart: think kind thoughts, speak kind words & act kindly Easier said than done. Often we forget how important this is in our lives, both at work and at home. Thinking kind thoughts … More Luna New Year

2016 Meteor Showers

You may have heard about the Geminids meteor shower that appeared in the night sky in December 2015. If you were like me and missed out, never fear – there is always a chance of observing these beauties this year! Despite being known as β€˜shooting stars’, meteors are in fact space debris – a rocky … More 2016 Meteor Showers