Studying animation also involves a lot of drawing! These are the collection of illustrations I have done on my spare time or for 2D/3D animation character design


I wanted to draw something to say a quick thank you to amazing people who were so supportive while I was feeling down because of self-doubt. I did a self portrait using Photoshop and tried water-colour brushes. Definitely requires more practice but happy that I got it done.

Sabrina & Alan

I wanted to do something special for my married friends – so I decided to draw a moment on their wedding to capture their happiness.


During my holiday, I was inspired by the bluebottle that was washed up from the sea. The colours are so vibrant and its curly tentacles reminded me of hair.


I wanted to try and create a glowing effect on Photoshop as I am relatively new at using the software. Pretty happy with how it turned out!