One of the best ways to know how much a person is loved and/or respected by others is at their farewell – whether it is a farewell for leaving work or a country or farewell for leaving life. In the past two months I had the misfortune to farewell two of my colleagues: one for … More Farewells

Be grateful

This is extremely difficult to write. Several times in the past I have started writing and then scrapped it many times. But I need to do this for myself. While I am being myself. Something happened today and I don’t want to forget it. I want to remember it. Treasure it. I have been suffering … More Be grateful

Being in love

I didn’t think I would ever write something this personal on a public blog, but here it goes. Before I start, I want to talk a little about the word “love”. I remember a priest who gave an excellent summary of this feeling of love: it can be categorised into THREE branches. Love for friends … More Being in love